Monday, June 2, 2008

Katie's 2008 Spring Soccer Season

Katie loved playing soccer this year, she even came home from practice one night and put herself to bed. She gives it everything she's go! Her Aunt Emily said at one game that we should tell her to stop scoring so many goals because it was a little embarrassing!
We had no idea that her fiesty attitude at home would come in so handy on the soccer field!
Notice the tongue hanging out!
Katie did a great job playing soccer this spring. This was her first organized sport (if you could call Kindergarten soccer organized). She loved when people would come and watch her, her spectators included Grandma and Grandpa Leon, Uncle John, Uncle Joey and Ashli, Grandma and Grandpa Slaughter, Aunt Emily, Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jed, and of course Dad, Mom, Charlie, Sydney, and Audrey.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Charlie's 2008 Spring Soccer Season

Charlie had a great season this year. This was his first time playing soccer and I think he really liked it. He kept right up with the boys that had been playing a couple of years. He loved having his family come and watch and really liked getting to know the boys on the team. Charlie's a great team player and one of his strengths was passing the ball to his team. He had a couple of really good assists this season.

Katie Enters Draw Me A Miracle Fundraiser

Katie entered the Draw Me A Miracle fundraiser at the hospital last month at Aunt Amanda's suggestion. She was very excited to go find her artwork that was displayed at the hospital. Here she is with her painting of "A Flower in My Garden."

When I told her

that somebody had bought her painting ( I didn't mention that it was Aunt Emily) all she wanted was to know if she would get some of the money that they paid. After explaining what she had painted the picture for, we think she understood that she did it to help the little babies at the hospital.