Saturday, August 22, 2009

Camera Found!!!

I finally found our camera that has been missing for a few weeks. I also just finished a quilt that I made for Audrey. I am really proud of this quilt and let me tell you why...

1. I made it completely from scraps that I had ... except for the border on the front (David insisted that we put monkeys on it).
2 . I pieced the back with random things and sizes of fabric. 3. Each block is different.
4. This is all made of things that Audrey loves.... ie. Princesses, Dora, Care Bears, Ballerinas, Teddy Bears, Monkeys...etc.
5. I machine quilted it in the ditch (quilters will know what I'm talking about).
I am so proud of this quilt and Audrey loves it!!! She lays on it and points to things and tells us all what they are. The only problem now is that Sydney and Katie want one.
Next project.... a quilt for Sydney with appliqued little dresses. It may be awhile before that one is done!!!