Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Little Helper

Sydney and I made brownies today...isn't she cute in her apron?
This might be her favorite part!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I am so excited about something I just came up with on my own! I've really been struggling with the weight loss challenge. I did really good last year and lost 20 lbs, and then I've slipped back struggling with it. After some soul searching I realized that I think I struggle because to get results you have to make several good decisions, and then you're not even guaranteed a reward. So I need immediate rewards or at least I need to know that if I make a good decision, or do something good for my health that I'm getting closer to that reward. I just wanted to share this with everyone and if you're interested you can adapt it to your own situation (even if it has nothing to do with weight loss).

By making good decisions or doing something good...I get rewarded with points.
Exercise = 2 points

Refusing some kind of bad food = 1 point (for instance if I refuse a dessert at a church function, or ice cream when we take the kids out, or if I make cookies for the family - and I don't eat any of them.)

Drinking 6 glasses of water in a day = 1 point

Counting points perfectly all day = 2 points (I'm still following the weight watchers plan)

Lose 1 pound = 3 points

Then I came up with some rewards to work toward, where I can spend my points:

Trip to Portland, $25.00 for fabric depot = 100 points

Pedicure = 50 points

New Clothing Item = 50 points

New Make-Up Item = 25 points

I'm really excited about reminds me of trying to get the kids to do stuff at home. But hey, whatever works. I figure I'm not perfect, but doing a few good things to work on my health is better than doing nothing at all and just being discouraged.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Katie's 7th Birthday

Today was Katie's 7th birthday. I can't believe she is this old. It seems like yesterday the doctor handed her to me and I thought this had to be the most beautiful little girl I'd ever seen!!! Tonight David and I took her and her friend Mya to Marie Callendar's for dinner and then she gets to have her spend the night! I think Katie just might be in heaven!
This morning Audrey, Sydney and I took treats to Katie's class. We had to leave before they ate them, but at least I got a picture of her at her desk. The festivities will continue tomorrow!