Friday, November 21, 2008

Laughed So Hard I Cried

Last night as I was getting the kids dressed to take Charlie to piano lessons, Sydney was making my task extremely difficult. After an all-out wrestling match she told me she was just going to take her clothes off anyways. I then said, "If you you do that, then the rest of the family is going to get a treat at the store and you won't get anything." She then looked down at the floor, walked away and said that she wouldn't take off her clothes. About 5 minutes later I saw her "streaking" through the kitchen in only her underwear. When confronted with what she had done and reminded of her punishment she started to get worried that I would actually follow through (which I usually don't) and responded with this.."I went in the other room and cried a little bit and they fell off!" She then rushed off and put the clothes back on herself quite quickly. When repeating the story later that night I couldn't even get the punchline out because I was laughing so hard. David later asked Sydney, "So did you go cry a little more and then they just floated back on you?"

Monday, November 10, 2008

Charlie Through the Years!

We have soooo many pictures of Charlie. I was looking through them and reminiscing about how sweet of a baby he was and how I can't rock him in my arms anymore. They grow up way to fast. So here's a little journey of Charlie through his first 8 years! At the hospital. I was convinced he was the most beautiful newborn ever! 6 Months

1 Year

2 Years

3 Years

Charlie on his first baseball team. 5 years old

1st grade. I think there is a picture of me making this exact face when I was little.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Yesterday was Charlie's 8th birthday. He is growing up so fast! In our family 8 years old means he gets baptized and he get to join cub scouts. He was very excited to hit this landmark. We had a party for him at Papa's Pizza. Grandma and Grandpa Leon got him his scout uniform. He even asked them for it and went on Monday to pick it out with Grandma. She sewed all the patches on for him.
David and I got him the a game for his XBox that he'd been asking for. He's told us about this game every day for the last three months. David was messin' with him yesterday and told him that he hadn't had time to get his present yet, so would it be ok if we just waited until Monday to get it. Charlie even volunteered to bathe the girls so that Dad would have time to get him his present. We even had Charlie in tears at one point. So, he was VERY excited to show off his new game!

Aunt Emily got Charlie a radio controlled car. I guess Brett thought she may have spent too much money, notice the surpised look on his face.

All of Charlie's friends at the party. It's nice that Charlie has so many great friends!

Charlie trying to conceal a smile as he choses something to wish for!

And finally he blows out all the candles!
We love you Charlie and hope that you had a great birthday!