Friday, October 31, 2008


We had a great time tonight! It's so much fun to dress the kids up and parade them around. We convinced all the girls to be witches this year and Charlie ended up being Indiana Jones. This is all the kids at Grandma's house. We trick or treated in our neighborhood for a few minutes, then we went to a party at the church. We also made appearances at Grandma and Grandpa Leon's, Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jed's and Aunt Emily's house. It's moments like these that make parenting so worth it! Here are our three little adorable witches!!!

Audrey - one of the rare moments that I caught her wearing the hat.

Sydney as an "October Witch." She was surprisingly sweet tonight and wanted to share her candy with everyone!

Katie - always wanting to trick or treat all night long. This girl is always ready for a party!

Here's Charlie in one of his Indiana Jones poses. He's been wearing this costume for the last three days. I actually had to pry it off of him to wash it for tonight!


jkmoss3 said...

wow, their costumes turned out so cute. good job mom.

Kirsten and Jonathan said...

You have such sweet looking witches at your house, and such a handsom Indian Jones. I love the costumes, you did a great job.

Archambault Family said...

The kids look cute in their costumes and I can't believe how big they are getting. Glad to hear they had a great Halloween!

Lindsay Dickson said...

You are so lucky to have THREE beautiful little GIRLS. They make pretty little witches. Did you make ALL of their costumes!??

Joe and Debbie said...

Super cute I love their costumes.