Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Have We Been Up To???

Last weekend we went on a little day trip to Roseburg. We hiked Susan Creek Falls. Notice the 2-year old had to carry everbody's water....she insisted, I swear! Aunt Emily spent the enjoyable day with us....she needed a serious nap when we returned!

The cuties!

Then we went to Wildlife Safari. It was a great day!

We've also been canning pickles. I loved this picture of the pickles soaking in my sink!

Sliced and ready to go in the jar. Up next....pears, then salsa!


Jed & Amanda said...
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teamZ said...

Way to go Laura. You are a busy bee.

Jed and Amanda said...

Emily and Audrey look so cute! I can't believe how old Audrey looks and she looks so much like Katie too. I wish we could have come :)

Ashlee said...

You realize that Jeff and I live in Roseburg-you could've stopped for a potty break or a refreshment! We'll have to get you next time.
The kids look adorable. Glad taht you had fun!

Kirsten and Jonathan said...

Wow how do you do it with 4 kiddos?? You amaze me. Love the hike pics.

Emily said...

How can you not love spending time with those beautiful kids?