Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sydney's Hair

We love Sydney's hair! It has always been so long and beautiful. This was a picture of her a couple of weeks ago when we went hiking. A few days before we went hiking her hair was all the way down her back.
I trimmed it just to be even all the way around and it was looking really good!

Until she decided she was mad at me and trimmed her hair some more. I had a hard time getting pictures of the hair cut she did herself, and I am too upset to post a picture of what it looks like now. Maybe in a couple of weeks!

She had two pony tails on the top of her head...which she cut completely off! She cut the very front of her hair to the scalp! And then proceeded to cut all over the back. Needless to say....I cried a lot! I am really getting tired of her mass amounts of mischief...cayenne pepper in my closet, lotion all over the bathroom and carpet, soap rubbed all over the maroon walls, not to mention my last post was all her! We love her, but maybe we need to keep a better eye on her!


teamZ said...

Oh, Sydney! You are torturing your poor mom. I understand, it is hard when they cut their hair. H has done it several times. Last time we saw JR's mom she flat out told H to stop cutting her hair. She told H that she liked her hair longer and it was so no more self haircuts!!

Kirsten and Jonathan said...

I am so sorry to hear about the hair. has done it too, she will grow out of it someday. good luck. I feel for you babe.

FYI the word verication I have to put in is cuter, fitting don't you think???

rachel said...

OH NO!! That is one of my biggest fears with my girls.

lauri said...

I laughed out loud when I saw this! This has been the story of my life! Both of my girls have done this a few times. (So has Autzen, but it doesn't matter as much with him, we just buzz off his hair.) My girls are 7 & 8 and we are still in the process of "growing out" past self-haircuts. I feel your pain! :)