Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We get to babysit Rory every other Friday while Amanda goes to school. Katie is our best babysitter and Rory LOVES's our perfect example! We visited Grandma's after we went to the pumpkin constest and she taught all the kids to knit (well she taught the older kids, Audrey just sticks the needs in and out of the yarn).

This must have been after one particular hard day. A lot of people may say they've never seen Sydney sleep. This is such a rare occasion that we had to capture it on the camera.


Kirsten and Jonathan said...

Such cute cute pics. How neat that your mama taught the girls to knit and that little Rory, she is such a cutie.

teamZ said...

My girls are so impressed by the knitting. I am impressed by the babysitting.

Ashlee said...

That is so fun that you get to spend a little extra time with Rory!Cousins are the best!
I too am impressed with the knitting!