Sunday, July 27, 2008

Company Picnic

David had his company picnic at Emerald Park this year. We assumed that they changed the location to closer in town because of gas prices. Smart move! We had a fun day, the weather was great, the kids had tons of fun and came home with lots of cool prizes. Here are some highlights!
I had told Sydney time and again not to pick the paint off of her arm. In this picture she is actually trying to hide from me so that I don't see her doing it. Little did she know I WAS watching and got it with the camera.

They always have a clown, and the kids love to have her make ballon objects and paint their faces.

Audrey found somebody else's chair that she really liked, she kept going back to sit in it. She was also showing off that paint that the clown did on her arm. She's very proud!

Katie figured out how to hula hoop on her own while we were there. She's actually quite good at it. When that girl wants to learn something she figures out how to do it.

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