Friday, July 4, 2008


At the last minute we decided to go to the rodeo, it was lots of fun! The kids really like the animals. Charlie asked tons of questions, Katie was excited to get a Rodeo Princesses autograph, Sydney wanted to go home the whole time, and Audrey especially loved the fireworks. Overall we loved going, the rodeo has special meaning to David and I, David took me on one of our first dates! Boy have we come a long hard road since that day! It's strange to look back and think about not having children. Here is Amanda and Katie enjoying the show together.
Audrey loved the rodeo (whenever there was actually something happening). The in between times were a bit of a challenge. We felt like there were ants crawling all over us. Audrey clapped when everyone else clapped.

This is Audrey's way of showing that she's excited! She does this about a lot of things, but this time whenever the animals came out she would put her hands straight up in the air and then did a little wave with her hands, I tried to capture it on camera, but it's just not the same.

I had to post this picture of Carson (Jed's brother). I just thought he was adorable. When I asked him to show me his huge belt buckle he did this pose that looked just like a cowboy and I had to capture it on film.


jkmoss3 said...

Wow laura you rock the blogging world. Seriously you are good at this.

Krazy Karly said...

i agree with krys! lol! carson is halarious! Amanda looks good!

Rachel said...

Hey Laura,
Just found your blog!! Woohoo.
I love this pic of Carson. What a doll. He's one of my favorites... he and Jed both.
Ok, so I'm adding you to my list of friendly bloggers. Hope you don't mind that I keep my eye on you and your sweet family.