Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hiking at Sweet Creek

We went hiking last night with Amanda and Jed. It was a blast! We went to Sweet Creek Falls and it is just about the perfect hike with kids. We had dinner there at a picnic table, then hiked in and swam for awhile in the FREEZING COLD water. Then we hike out and on the way home we saw a bear. It was running along the road just ahead of us. When it saw us it went in to the bushes. The kids were really excited to see a bear, but Katie was terrified of it.

Here's Katie at the beginning of the hike ready to go. She insisted on bringing her swimsuit, life jacket and towl and swimming in the cold water. The funny thing is she brought that life jacket all by herself, I didn't even think about needing it.
Everytime we go somewhere I try to get a picture of all the kids together. This one didn't turn out to bad!

We went on a little path that we thought was "Sweet Creek Falls." It just led us to a parking lot with this at the top. The kids saw this and asked, "Is this Sweet Creek Falls?" That was a long hike for this view!

Charlie plays on the rocks, but he's very careful not to get in the water. He keeps telling us it's because he can't swim. I think we need to get him some swimming lessons.

Sydney is actually quite adept at scaling the rocks. Although, I'm a little nervous the whole time that she's going to slip and hit her head. She doesn't seem to be worried at all about falling.

Jed was trying to get Katie to actually swim in the water. It was FREEZING! She got close but would never get all the way in.

Here is the crawdad that David, Jed and the kids caught. Don't you think David should shoot pictures for National Geographic?


Rachel said...

You have such DARLING kids, Laura!!

jkmoss3 said...

I wanna go hiking. That sounds like you had so much fun. I love all the pictures