Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Eve of Surgery

I hope my blog posts aren't getting too boring for everyone. I hear that people want more updates so I'll try to deliver. David and Sam went to Portland today for David's pre-op appointment. I stayed home to take Charlie and Katie to their open houses for school since I will miss their first day of school tomorrow. David met with the surgeons and they explained the surgery that will happen tomorrow. He is to check in at 10:30 and the surgery is scheduled for 12:00 or 1:00pm. We are extremely dissappointed that they will have to crack his entire chest to access his heart. We were told previously that this would not be neccessary. This means about a year of pain for David. He is not to work for at least 2 weeks and can't lift anything for 3 months. His pace maker will be placed just under his heart in the center or his torso instead of in his shoulder like most people. The leads will be all around the outside of his heart.

We would appreciate all the prayers we can get tomorrow. This is going to be a hard day for our whole family.


jkmoss3 said...

this isn't boring, it is like reading one of those ongoing stories they print in the newspaper. I cant wait for the next chapter. I love it when you post.

I hope your doing well. i can only imagine how you are feeling. we are praying for you and david and the rest of the family.

Love the moss'

Joe and Debbie said...

Keep the information coming as this is in no way boring as we are all concerned about David and your family.
My prayers are definitely with all of you. Give David a kiss on the cheek for me.
If you need anything back at home just let me know I'm willing to help where I can.
So sorry you have to miss the kids first day of school. They know you love them and that's the most important thing.

Kimi said...

This is not borning in any way! Please keep the information coming. We are all VERY concerned about David and the rest of the family.
Our prayers are constantly with you.
Please make sure you update us all asap so we know how David is doing!
Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on keeping us up to date on everything.

Aleece White said...

We will definitely continue to pray for David. If you don't mind we would like to fast and pray tomorrow for him. We appreciate you updating all of us, please don't think for a minute that it is boring for anyone.
We send our prayers and best wishes for your family. Please let us know how it goes tomorrow.

Rex and Aleece White

Rachel said...

SO not boring, Laura. Everyone is thinking of you guys and keeping you in our prayers. Much luck tomorrow with the surgery and the first day of school. Keep us updated.