Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In Surgery

Well after a long day of waiting (and I mean long) David is finally in surgery. Our check in time was 10:30 this morning, and he was finally taken into surgery at 5:10 this evening. They say it will take about 2 hours to prep him for surgery and then they think it will be about 2 hours for the surgery. I will update again when we know how the surgery is going.

On a more positive note, the kids had a great day at school. It was Charlie's first day at the Spanish Immersion school and he said he had fun. He learned two words in Spanish and made three friends. I really think he'll like this new school. Katie had her first day in Kindergarten and was very happy to find out that her friend Mya is in her class. When I asked what she learned today she said they taught her how to write her teachers name. When I asked what her favorite thing about Kindergarten is she said recess. They are both excited to go back tomorrow.

Today as we were driving up here I was thinking about how important David is to our family. I wanted to write a little ode to David and tell everyone (and him when he is able to read this) why we love him so much.

David is the best father you can imagine. He plays with the kids, he is REALLY involved with them. He loves to cuddle them, and has tons of patience. He's truly interested in what they are doing and takes an active role in their lives. The other day I heard Sydney tell my mom that "Daddy likes kisses when he's sick." This is true he's always asking the kids to come and give him hugs and kisses when he doesn't feel well.

David is a WONDERFUL husband. An example is this afternoon when I lost it before he went to surgery. I am in tears and even though he is worried about what he has to go through, all he does is worry about how I am. We love spending time together and would be lost without each other.

David is extremely intellingent and hardworking. He worries all the time about how being sick is going to affect our family financially and will go to work if he can, no matter how he feels. He is a successful engineer and extremely valuable to his company. This Christmas my mom gave us all gifts that had our qualities listed on it. I was upset when I found out that my gift said "intelligent," but David's gift said "highly intelligent." I must admit that she was right.

David has a strong testimony of the gospel. He is a wonderful priesthood leader in our home. He is a righteous example to the children, and always striving to do what's right. The gospel is the highest priority in his life and you can see this in his actions and the choices that he makes in his life.

David has a wonderful sense of humor, he keeps us laughing all the time. He is always fun to be around and lifts the spirits of everyone around him.

David is a special man, I think that anyone who knows him can agree to that. We love him and pray that he will be back home with us soon, on his road to recovery.


White Family said...

Thank goodness David has you as his supportive wife and that you have such loving children. Such a wonderful tribute to a special man. Very touching. We all feel the same way about David. He's a choice individual. "The worth of a soul is great in the sight of God."

I know you were scared for this procedure, as was I. I am relieved to hear the doctor was so pleased with the results. One day at a time.

Joe and Debbie said...

Beautifully written. He is definitely a walking miracle. You too are meant for each other. It's apparent in the way he looks at you and your kids how much he loves all of you. He is a pillar of strength as are you.
Hang in there as this is going to be a time for David to really take the proper time to heal so he can continue doing the things he truly loves at that is spending time with you & your kids.

Kimi said...

Couldn't have written it better myself! David is truly a very special man.
I am so happy that you guys are married and love each other so much.
My your lives continue to grow and be even more blessed.