Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Morning

David's doing even better today. He's still in a lot of pain. We had a full day yesterday, lots of doctors came in, he had occupational therapy, physical therapy, a chest x-ray, the electrophysiology doctor came and worked on his pace maker, and they pulled out the central line in his neck. Now he has a big whole where they pulled that line. David said he didn't sleep great last night, he felt kind of congested and woke up every few minutes, but he said that he got better sleep early this morning.

The doctor that's in charge of this floor came in early this morning and examined David, he wanted him to sit up so he could listen to his lungs and that doctor actually pulled him up by his arm. That was excruciating! I wish they would teach the doctors what the patient is able to do after their chest is opened up. The therapists preach and preach to you about not pushing or pulling anything over 5 lbs, and then the doctor comes in and hurts you. One doctor is saying we may go home today and another is talking about tomorrow, we'll find out later today, I guess.
Things are really going well, we just have to get throught the long healing process.

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Paula said...

Hi Laura, I don't know if you remember me but we were in SC1 when we were just Merry Misses and in SC3 at the same time for a little while. I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I found you through Rachel's blog and that I'm keeping your family in my prayers. I can only imagine how difficult this is and from your posts you are staying so positive and I think that is awesome!