Friday, December 12, 2008

Random Christmas Season Updates

After 3 hours of bathing, primping, curling hair and talking Charlie into getting dressed, here are a couple of examples of our sad attempt at trying to get a Christmas card picture.

They are going to make Audrey look at the camera rather she likes it or not!

Audrey is crying in about 90% of the pictures.

We kept trying to get Sydney to smile a little less intensely, and Charlie to look a little more involved. Ah, the joys of four children!

I had book club at my house last night and I made lemon water to drink with our dessert. Since Sydney discovered lemon water that's all she want to drink. Here's our sophisticated 3 year old enjoying her lemon water this morning.


♥ rachel said...

You captured real life and that's all we (mothers) can ask for! or hope for. Because once we ask for more, we're so let down!! :) I think they look darling.

ally&leigh said...

Sydney's hair is so long and beautiful! And the Christmas outfits--SO cute. :)

Archambault Family said...

Very cute pics of the kids, even if they are screaming...or looking way. I loved all of them!