Friday, December 5, 2008


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We've been saying that we were going to visit our friend's the Elder's for four years and we finally got to go and spend the weekend with them. They live in the beautiful Gold Beach, Oregon, and had many wonderful sights to show us! It was a ton of fun. This was our family at Otter Point. The view was spectacular, although a little nerve racking with the kids and all the cliffsAnnaka did a gingerbread train with the kids. They loved it! I'm not so good with doing these kinds of things because I'm afraid of the mess, but after watching how much they enjoyed it, I vow to try and let go and do some more fun activities.

Here are six of our eight kids. Charlie, Anya, Katie, Isaac, Sydney, and Ellie.

We're off on our hike. Boy, we are a crowd!

David, enjoying the view with the little kids. Notice how tight he's holding on to Sydney, she was insisting on walking on her own. Sorry, Sydney...not gonna happen!

Here are all eight kids. From left to right. Audrey, Charlie, Anya, Sydney, Tyler, Katie, Ellie and Isaac.

Last we got to go to a farm that does a little petting zoo. This is Audrey petting the rabbit. She LOVED IT!!! This rabbit was 30lbs. and his feet are as big as a dog's paw. It was amazing!

We had a wonderful time... Thanks Annaka and Travis for letting us come and visit and for the wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner!!!


Kathi and Sam said...

So glad you all had such a good time together. Good friends are priceless. The kids are all growing up so fast!
Grandma Leon

Amanda said...

Audrey does look like she loves that rabbit! Maybe we will get you guys one for Christmas (;